Bullets as cast, waiting for 1st
inspection, sizing and lubeing.
Alloy ingots to be cast into
A little history about us........

We started casting in 1977 (by hand back then) this supplied myself and
friends with quality cast bullets.

1984 we started selling at gun shows, this kept us busy..very busy.

1992 we incorporated and this turned from a hobby to a full time job.

Since then we added full automated casting machines, using our original
alloy blend, and things have really began to take off........So here we are !!
Bullets boxed and ready to ship.
Bullets sized and lubed, waiting
for final inspection and boxing.
" Wadcutter"
Highly trained attack cat.
About Us
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November 4, 2004 - September 19, 2008
The shop will never be the same.
"If animals don't go to heaven, then I
want to go where they go"